4 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks for Homeowners

House Washing Roof Cleaning Bluffton SC

Spring has come back around in beautiful Bluffton, South Carolina. Whenever this time of year arrives, many homeowners mark the change of the season by cleaning their properties to spruce them up for the next few months. Some find this task overwhelming. After all, there are many different types of surfaces on a given property.…

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How Pressure Washing Service Boosts Hilton Head Properties’ Curb Appeal

Hilton Head Pressure Washing

Hilton Head, SC is one of the most beautiful communities in the country. You can do your part to ensure it stays beautiful by keeping your property clean. This includes regularly cleaning outdoor hard surfaces, such as a driveway, parking lot, patio or pool area, and related surfaces. However, this isn’t a task you need…

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Window Cleaning Service Experts Explain How to Brighten a Bluffton, SC Home in Summer

window cleaning service bluffton sc

Summer is almost here! If you live in Bluffton, South Carolina, you know this season can highlight our area’s natural beauty like no other. You might thus be inspired to clean up your property in anticipation of summer. At Lighthouse Softwash, offering window cleaning service in Bluffton, SC and the surrounding area, we definitely understand…

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Spring Cleaning in Hilton Head, SC: Trust the Pros to Clean Your Windows

exterior window cleaning hilton head sc

As spring arrives, you’ll likely want to clean the areas of your home affected by winter. The winter months can do a number on your windows in particular. Consider prioritizing window cleaning when deciding which tasks to check off your to-do list first. However, you shouldn’t actually handle this task yourself. You’ll get better results…

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Is Window Cleaning Something I Should Do? Why or Why Not?

It’s no secret that Bluffton, SC is one of the most gorgeous areas of the country. There’s a reason people choose to own homes and businesses here. To ensure your property complements the natural beauty surrounding it, you’ll, of course, want to keep your home or business looking its best. This should include cleaning your…

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Effective Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home in Hilton Head, SC

Living in Hilton Head, SC can be rewarding for many reasons. That said, there may come a time when you decide to move away and sell your house. You’ll of course want to get the best offer for your home when this happens. Thus, if you’re considering selling your house in anticipation of an upcoming…

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Why Window Cleaning is Essential for Homes and Commercial Properties

Window Cleaning Hilton Head SC

Do you own a home? A commercial property or business? Either way, you don’t need to be told property upkeep is important. That involves scheduling regular professional window cleaning with our team at Lighthouse Softwash. Serving business owners and homeowners in the Hilton Head, SC area, we’ll make sure your windows are as clean as…

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The Benefits of Whole-Home Exterior Cleaning Service

Pressure Washing Hilton Head SC

Keeping a home’s exterior as clean as possible is important for plenty of easy-to-understand reasons. The appearance of your property doesn’t merely impact your personal enjoyment of it. It also contributes to curb appeal, which in turn contributes to your home’s value. You’ll be much more likely to sell it for a decent price in…

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Professional Window Cleaning vs. DIY: What You Need to Know

window cleaning hilton head sc

Keeping your windows clean is very important when you own a business. You want your property to look as inviting as possible to customers, after all. Once they’re inside, you also want windows to let natural light in. This doesn’t just improve the customer experience. Research indicates greater exposure to natural light can boost performance…

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Caring For Your Home During Pollen Season

Pollen removal pressure washing window cleaning hilton head sc

Spring is the Cleaning Season, and if you are from the “Lowcountry,” you know that it is also the beginning of the pollen season. While the local media may rate the pollen season from moderate to extreme, it is generally with direct relation to the types of pollen that are known allergens. Most springtime allergens…

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