Commercial Window Cleaning

No matter what industry you are in, whether you operate a gas station, a restaurant, or even a retail store, the physical appearance of your business matters. There is no better way to maximize the full potential of your commercial property than with spotless windows that gleam in the South Carolina sun! At Lighthouse Soft Wash, our commercial window cleaning team can expertly and efficiently put your windows to work for your business and amplify the aesthetics of your entire property!

Window Cleaning Centered Around Your Business

As a business owner, to say your day is "busy" is probably a bit of an understatement. As you go about your day you might notice dirt, salt deposits, bird droppings, and even insect residue building up on your windows, but finding the time to clean it properly might be something of an impossibility. That is where the expert window cleaning crew at Lighthouse Soft Wash comes in! We know you don't have time for anything less than the very best window cleaning service in the Bluffton and Hilton Head area, and that is what we deliver! Our comprehensive window cleaning service includes:

Window Pane Cleaning

We remove dirt, dust, and any other deposits leaving behind only a streak-free shine!

Frame, Sill, and Track

Our window cleaning service extends beyond just the panes for a full, deep clean!

Screen Cleaning

Keep your screens in great condition and maximize your professional curb appeal!

Make Your Home A Beacon Of Cleanliness

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Process

At Lighthouse Soft Wash, we strive to keep things simple. Deliver great results with friendly customer service, every time. To that end we keep our process pretty straightforward, but the results are nothing short of amazing! We start by bringing the very best window cleaning equipment and the most powerful cleaners, even the toughest sun-baked dirt won't stand a chance! We start by washing the glass pane itself, eliminating 100% of the dirt, dust, insects, and any other debris. We follow that up with a squeegee to completely dry the glass and ensure a streak-free shine. Lastly, we wash down the frame and tracks, enhancing the attractiveness of your windows. Our team of dedicated window cleaning professionals will be a model of efficiency as we always strive to deliver window cleaning service that is effective yet non-invasive for your customers or your employees.

Get The Shine Your Business Deserves!

We believe that window cleaning, when done right, should have a transformative effect on your commercial property. We strive to deliver just that on every commercial window cleaning project that we complete. We also offer flexible scheduling so that our service won't conflict with your busiest periods. Running a business can be complex, but getting spotless curb appeal from your windows shouldn't be. Your path to a better business starts with better-looking windows. Get your free quote today!

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