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Bluffton, SC may very well be one of the most beautiful communities in the entire country. Our proximity to the ocean ensures virtually all properties offer gorgeous views throughout the year. That’s why just about everyone who owns a home or business in this area wants to keep their property looking beautiful as well.

We at Lighthouse Softwash can help. We offer a range of property cleaning and maintenance services to both homeowners and business owners throughout the Bluffton, SC area, allowing you to keep your property looking its best without devoting all your free time to upkeep. The following are key ways we can help you optimize your home or business’ attractiveness:

Bluffton, SC Property Cleaning Experts Offer These Key Services

Commercial Window Cleaning

Curb appeal plays a major role in your business’ success. You need to ensure all aspects of your property are clean if you want to attract customers. Regardless of how dedicated you are to delivering unbeatable service, you can’t thrive if an ugly property and building drive customers away.

That’s why you need to clean your windows on a regular basis. This boosts your curb appeal and lets in more natural light, which has a positive impact on the moods of both your employees and your customers.

That doesn’t mean you need to handle this task on your own. As a business owner, you likely have more important responsibilities to attend to. Hire us to clean your windows instead. We’ll clean them thoroughly, making sure they impress all passersby.

Residential Window Cleaning

Again, if you choose to own a home in Bluffton, SC, the area’s beauty was likely a factor that contributed to your decision in a major way. Make the most of your investment by keeping your windows clean. With clean windows, you can look out onto your gorgeous surroundings whenever you like, taking in all the stunning views the region has to offer. Contact us to schedule service on a regular basis.

Soft Wash House Washing

You want your house’s exterior to look its best for obvious reasons. When your home looks attractive, you’ll feel more proud of it, and you’ll find it’s much easier to sell in the future.

However, some people don’t realize that home exteriors can be somewhat fragile. Using the wrong methods to clean them could result in unexpected damage.

That’s not something you need to worry about when you hire Lighthouse Softwash. As the name implies, we use a soft wash house washing technique. This involves combining gentle water with an eco-friendly detergent designed to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior surfaces without damaging them.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Your roof is another exterior surface that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. If it’s not, roof algae and other organisms will eat away at your shingles, dramatically reducing your roof’s lifespan.

It’s important to understand that shingles are also likely to break if pressured washed. To keep them in optimal condition, hire our soft wash experts to clean your roofing instead.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Remember, if you own a business, you rely on curb appeal to succeed. That’s why you need commercial pressure washing service. We’ll clean your sidewalks, drive-thrus, parking lots, and any related surfaces, making sure they attract customers.

Residential Pressure Washing

We don’t merely offer pressure washing services to businesses. Our team provides homeowners with driveway and concrete pressure washing services as well.

Cleaning these surfaces, of course, boosts your home’s curb appeal, and preserves their condition for as long as possible. Perhaps more importantly, however, it removes debris that tends to get slippery in the rain after it has accumulated on driveways and similar areas. Removing this debris keeps you and anyone else on your property safe from slip and fall injuries.

Make Your Home A Beacon Of Cleanliness

How We Deliver Unbeatable Service in Bluffton, SC

If you’re looking for a commercial and residential exterior property cleaning team that delivers outstanding service, you need Lighthouse Softwash. We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to ensure you get the best possible results. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed us to earn numerous stellar reviews from happy clients, as well as a positive reputation throughout the region. Call us today at (843) 304-0019 to learn more.

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