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Hilton Head and Bluffton have some of the most picturesque views on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Whether your home is looking out over the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean or overlooking one of the many parks here in the Lowcountry, having an unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery can do wonders for your home, both inside and out. With window cleaning service from Lighthouse Soft Wash you can make every view from your home one worth celebrating!

Expert Window Cleaning For A Spotless First Impression

The clarity of your windows face multiple threats each and every day. Bugs, birds, and other wildlife can leave their mark on your window panes, but so can Mother Nature herself. With the salty, moist atmosphere and frequent storms that we get here, it doesn't take long for windows to go from spotless and clean to foggy and dirty! Our window cleaning service is designed to completely revive your windows. We use only the very best detergents and equipment to rid your windows of all dirt and contaminants, no matter how sun-baked they are. We provide one convenient source for all of your window cleaning needs. Our window cleaning service always delivers:

More Natural Light

When your windows are clean more light enters your home and provides you with clear views of the outside and spend less on ambient lighting.

Lower Energy Bills

With more of the warmth from the sun entering your home, it will be naturally heated meaning you can lower costs during the winter months.

A Great Impression

Spotless, clean windows make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home both from the inside looking out and the outside looking in!

Amazing Results, Every Time

Dirt, debris, pollen, and other contaminants can build up on your window panes, but it happens gradually causing most homeowners to be oblivious to just how much dirt has accumulated until after our window cleaning service is performed. We are proud to meticulously clean every inch of your windows making sure that they not only look spotless, but dry to a streak-free shine! Don't leave the clarity of your windows to chance! Put our specialized window cleaning service to work for your home and experience the difference that can only come from the window cleaning experts at Lighthouse Soft Wash! Our window cleaning service is perfect for:

  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning
  • Storm Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • and more!

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