Effective Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home in Hilton Head, SC

Living in Hilton Head, SC can be rewarding for many reasons. That said, there may come a time when you decide to move away and sell your house. You’ll of course want to get the best offer for your home when this happens. Thus, if you’re considering selling your house in anticipation of an upcoming move, you likely want to know what you can do to boost its value.

We at Lighthouse Softwash can help. Our experts thoroughly understand what it takes to maximize the value of a Hilton Head, SC house. The following are just a few suggestions worth keeping in mind.

How to Boost the Value of a Hilton Head, SC Home

Pressure Washing Hard Surfaces

Curb appeal obviously plays a major role in how valuable a home appears to someone seeing it for the first time from the street. This is important to keep in mind if you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future. Even if you strive to keep the interior clean, if a potential buyer stops by and is greeted with an unattractive exterior, their first impression will be negative. Overcoming this is difficult.

That’s why you need to keep all exterior surfaces as clean as possible. This includes your hard surfaces, such as a driveway. When someone pulls up to your home because they’re thinking about buying it, the driveway they park on should be pristine.

That said, pressure washing equipment can be dangerous if used improperly. It may also damage parts of your property if the water is directed at the wrong surfaces. Thus, you should hire professionals for this task.

Soft Washing

Again, not all surfaces can withstand the force of pressure washing. Some simply aren’t durable enough. These typically include roofing and various types of siding.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them. Remember, your goal is to make your house look as attractive as possible. It needs to look valuable if you’re going to get a good offer when you sell it.

This is another reason to hire experts when cleaning your home in the months and weeks before putting it on the market. At Lighthouse Softwash, we (as our name implies) use soft washing methods for roofing and similar materials that aren’t durable enough to be cleaned with other techniques. Using gentle water mixed with specialized detergents, we can thoroughly remove stains and debris.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t simply boost your home’s curb appeal. It also boosts its true, authentic value. Quite simply, when roofing isn’t cleaned regularly, organisms such as roof algae begin eating away at shingles. This leaves a home vulnerable to the elements, resulting in over-reliance on it’s heating and cooling system. That of course leads to high bills.

A potential buyer will consider this factor when determining how valuable they believe your home to be. If they see your roof hasn’t been cleaned frequently enough, they’ll know they might need to pay high bills until it’s repaired. Avoid this by scheduling soft wash roof cleaning service for your Hilton Head, SC home.

Window Cleaning

You probably don’t need to be told that Hilton Head, SC is a beautiful part of the country. That may be one of the main reasons you moved to your house in the first place. Regardless of where you live in the area, odds are good your windows provide gorgeous views.

You want potential buyers to also enjoy those views when they visit your home. Thus, it’s a good idea to schedule window cleaning service before putting it on the market.

Luckily, we at Lighthouse Softwash offer all these services, making it easy to boost your home’s value. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us today at (843) 304-0019 or click here to get started.

Jacob Tuttle

Lighthouse owner Jacob Tuttle graduated from Savannah Arts Academy and received a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Jacob has been in the commercial and residential cleaning business since 2003, and in 2014, moved to Bluffton, South Carolina with his wife, Jessica, and their two children to form Lighthouse Exterior Cleaning Solutions. Jacob is a Certified Lead Technician through the industry’s leading educational resource, Softwash Systems, LLC.

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