Sanitization & Disinfection: Essential Service During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent coronavirus pandemic has certainly had a major impact on how we live our lives in South Carolina. With numerous cases reported already, we’re all taking precautions to stay safe.

Washing our hands thoroughly is, of course, one such precaution. However, it’s important to understand that you also need to wash surfaces you’re exposed to on a regular basis. This includes the sanitization of the exterior surfaces on your property – both residential and commercial.

That doesn’t mean you should wash these on your own. To stay safe and ensure thorough results, contact Lighthouse Soft Wash instead. Serving homeowners in Bluffton, Hilton Head, and the surrounding areas, we’ll help you reduce the risk of potentially coming into contact with germs.

Keep Your Bluffton & Hilton Head Property Clean During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Because the coronavirus is still a relatively new illness, we’re learning more and more about how it spreads every day. We currently know it primarily spreads through person-to-person contact. Keep in mind, this doesn’t need to be direct contact. If someone with the coronavirus coughs in your presence there’s a chance you’ll be exposed to it.

That said, the CDC also suggests there’s evidence indicating you may still contract COVID-19 by touching surfaces where the virus is currently active. For instance, if someone with the virus coughed on your door handle, and you were to touch it, there’s a chance you would also get sick.

That’s why you need to ensure your exterior surfaces are as clean as possible. Unfortunately, news reports continue to prove we don’t know how many people are infected. This is partially due to the fact that many people who have coronavirus don’t show symptoms for a relatively long period of time. It appears there are also instances when someone could have the virus while still being entirely asymptomatic. That means there is a real possibility someone with the virus has already spread germs on your property, especially if you own a business.

Remember, we’re all washing our hands more thoroughly these days because we know that doing so helps to remove potentially harmful germs. The same principle applies to your property. Luckily, with help from Lighthouse Soft Wash, you can sanitize your home’s exterior, hardscapes, and even areas like your deck or tennis court. For businesses and commercial property owners, our sanitization and disinfection services are available for the exterior of your commercial building, sidewalks, and many other areas.

Although it’s not currently possible to guarantee that washing these surfaces will thoroughly sanitize your property and kill the virus, because washing your hands seems to remove the dangerous germs, washing your exterior surfaces will logically have the same effect.

Trust Sanitization Only To The Professionals Who Keep Your Property Clean

As was mentioned earlier, while you should keep your property clean, you shouldn’t try to clean it on your own. Sanitization is an important issue and when it comes to the exterior of your property it’s important to trust professionals who understand how to do this work safely. It’s also worth noting that our professionals have the tools and expertise necessary to deliver thorough results. That’s always important when cleaning your property. However, during a pandemic, it’s arguably more crucial than ever. You don’t want you, your loved ones, or potential customers to be exposed to the virus because you didn’t clean and sanitize your property as thoroughly as you assumed. Instead, give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing qualified experts have cleaned your home or businesses outside surfaces.

We at Lighthouse Soft Wash have the experience necessary to deliver ideal results. Serving Bluffton & Hilton Head and the surrounding areas, we know we all need to help each other during these times. Helping you keep your property as clean as possible is one way we can do our part. To learn more, call us today at 843-304-0019.

Jacob Tuttle

Lighthouse owner Jacob Tuttle graduated from Savannah Arts Academy and received a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Jacob has been in the commercial and residential cleaning business since 2003, and in 2014, moved to Bluffton, South Carolina with his wife, Jessica, and their two children to form Lighthouse Exterior Cleaning Solutions. Jacob is a Certified Lead Technician through the industry’s leading educational resource, Softwash Systems, LLC.

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